Did you know that CMI has Open MRI at two locations? That's right!

Two locations for your convenience: The Utica Business Park and the Ilion Central Plaza.

Making patients less anxious is a priority at CMI. For patients who are claustrophobic or who are unable to tolerate a conventional (closed) MRI, we offer Open MRI at two convenient locations. Patients will find that both our Open MRI units are airy and comfortable. Patients can listen to music and are able to view the large open rooms of both our scanners during most Open MRI scans. The scanners have tables wide enough for someone else to accompany the patient throughout the test, as long as the proper screening is done beforehand.

If you have an MRI scheduled at any of our locations and you have concerns, please contact us before your MRI study. Some patients find it helpful to make an appointment ahead of time to view the scanner before their MRI. If you need to be medicated before your study, please contact your referring physician. We are not able to provide patients with medications, but will do everything we can do make your experience as comfortable as possible. Music of your choice is available and you may bring a CD to listen to with you.

Our Open MRI facility in the Utica Business Park Location

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Listen to what our Medical Director, Dr. John Picano, has to say about our Open MRI here.