Case Studies/Actual Scans

MRI Breast:  6 cm Necrotic Carcinoma.

Indication:   Recently diagnosed with right breast malignancy.  History of a palpable mass right breast.

Conclusion:     Necrotic mass within the inferomedial right breast corresponding to the known carcinoma. This is quite large and its posterior aspect abuts the chest wall.

MRI is used in conjuction with mammography and ultrasound to help diagnose masses of the breast and to evaluate patients with breast cancer.

MRI Brain:  Right Occipital Lobe Infarct

Indication:  Right sided headaches.  Dizziness. blurred vision, weakness.

Conclusion:  Acute Infarct with restricted diffusion seen in the right occipital lobe.

MRI has revolutionized the early detection of acute strokes


MRA Brain:  MCA Aneurysm

Indication:  Family history of cerebral aneurysm.

Conclusion:  6 x 7 mm right MCA (Middle Cerebral Artery) bifurcation aneurysm.

MRI is an excellent tool for evaluating blood vessels of the brain.


MRI Knee:  ACL Tear.


Indication:  Left knee pain with limited range of motion.  Status post skiing injury.

Conclusion:  ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Tear. 

MRI is an excellent imaging exam for evaluation of tears, fractures and sprains of joints.


MRI Lumbar Spine:   L4-5 Disc Herniation.

Indication:  Low back pain.  Right hip pain and buttock pain.

Conclusion:  Large disc extrusion/herniation at L4-5, resulting in significant central canal and lateral recess compromise.

MRI provides a detailed evaluation of the spine, spinal cord and discs.



MRI Brain:  Metastatic Lung Carcinoma.

Indication:  Lung cancer.  Status post radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  Weakness, forgetfulness, and and difficulty speaking.

Conclusion:  Multiple ring enhancing lesions with surrounding edema.

MRI is an indispensible tool in evaluating the progression and extent of cancer in the brain.