Cooperative Magnetic Imaging, is an American College of Radiology Accredited MRI facility based in Utica, New York with five locations including two Open MRI campuses.

CMI has assembled one of the finest teams of radiologists in the country from high quality programs such as Harvard, Yale, Duke, Tufts and Upstate Medical Centers. With professional expertise including musculoskeletal, neuro, breast and vascular imaging, CMI radiologists are able to provide a specialized report for our patients’ studies. We also offer our patients a unique combination of open and conventional system MRI diagnostic tests and the best equipment available. We have purchased specialized MRI units so that we can offer several types of imaging and at the same time, offer maximum accuracy and comfort for our patients. We have the capabilities to perform neurological, breast, vascular and musculoskeletal specialty exams in addition to conventional studies.

MRI is a constantly evolving field of science and innovation. When you choose an MRI facility it is important to choose one that has kept pace with these changes. CMI has continued to provide the latest technology and the highest quality of radiologist expertise throughout the past twenty years. In 1989, our radiologists invested in MRI because they knew that our community needed the service. Today we continue to invest in the best equipment and professional services available to that our community can benefit from the most advanced MRI imaging.

Delivering accurate, compassionate care is our number one priority. This is our commitment to you, now, and in the years to come.